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'for the love of singing..'

Voxbox Camden Studios

Singing Lessons London

Other features at Voxbox are weekly 'freevoice' free vocal development session, our selection of courses, performing opportunities, and recording.
Singing Lessons

Do you want real improvement in your vocal ability? Do you wonder if anything can be done to develop your voice?

  • Expand vocal range and power
  • No more 'breaks' or weak areas
  • Gain subtlety, variety and depth of tone
  • Eliminate vocal strain, improve vocal stamina and health.

Voxbox Camden Studios has been providing Private Singing Lessons in London since 2002. In that time we have gained an enviable reputation for our uncompromising approach to quality vocal tuition and taught somewhere around 100,000 hours of one to one singing lessons.

Voxbox Studios Closed

...BUT you will still find most of your favourite teachers right here on this site, still taking bookings for work at their new locations.

Time has finally run out on our studios in Camden. The lease is at an end and times being what they are we decided not to renew.

  • Check with your individual teacher about their location


Imagine recording your vocals with the help of one of London's top vocal instructors, in a dedicated state-of-the-art vocal-tracking studio...

Well you can have all of that at Voxbox when you record with founding partner Leon

The Teachers
Leon Berrange
07837 926 983
Lucy Phillips
07957 284 730
Gemma Milburn
07841 539 326
Sadie Grist
07880 351 978
Laura Duckworth
07590 978 795
General enquiries & studio hire
Some of the singers we are privileged to have worked with...
Voxbox Camden Studios 164 Eversholt St London NW1 1BL. Lucy Phillips and Leon Berrange