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User Comments: ""I have gained a total transformation with my voice through singing with Leon at Voxbox" "Voxbox is a fantastic network for all singers" "When I first came to Voxbox I had no chest voice and a big gap in my range. Now I have a consistent and strong four octave range!" "Voxbox is very supportive in every way. I have had fantastic singing and performance opportunities which have given me a huge amount of confidence" "Learning to sing at Voxbox gives you an understanding of all the 'mechanics' in an easy to understand way" " :: Naomi Curtios


Sound Map of LondonAn interesting earful for the sonically inclined...


Performing Arts Medicine TrustMedical assitance for performers


EarmasterPremium Ear Training Software: includes comprehensive jazz section
Sight Singing TrainingSoftware to help you learn to sight-sing
Ear PowerEar-training software
SolfegeFree (Open Source) Ear Training software
Gig-GuideMusicians classifieds database


NCVSDenver- based National Center for Voice & Speech. Technical
The Listening CentreIslington-based centre for listening therapy based on the work of Alfred Tomatis
Speech Level SingingThe SLS organisation trains and certifies teachers worldwide
Vocal Cords VideoVideo and Info about voice.
Animation/VideoThe sounds of spoken language
Voxbox Camden Studios 164 Eversholt St London NW1 1BL