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'for the love of singing..'

Pursuing the finest art of singing? Needing a technical expert with a well-informed and helpful ear to find a way through those tough phrases? Suffering vocally from a heavy singing workload?
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Your voice is your livelihood, or maybe the key to your future plans... well it deserves the best care and attention from professional coaches who can help you towards the ultimate perfection of vocal art, both technically and artistically.

Lucy Phillips and Leon Berrangé have many years of performing and teaching behind them, and with coach you in all aspects of singing to the highest level.

The more advanced you are as a singer, the more you will benefit from regular sessions with a top vocal coach. You will be amazed at the improvement you can achieve by refining your mix, such as

  • Making sure that all aspects of your instrument are working freely and in a relaxed way.
  • Improving the accuracy and precision of your vowels
  • Developing your understanding of the sonic implications of the actions you take
  • Exploring the sonic and physical relationship between the vowel families

All of this and more will help you develop more sophisticated and effective paths through your songs, giving you greater expressivity, power and range, along with a higher level of professional finish to the sound.

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