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When it's time to record those all important vocals, we have the tech, the knowledge and the ears to get the very best from your voice.

Capturing a vocal performance takes specialist knowledge, environment and equipment, and a vocal producer who understands the connection between technique and style... and is a great recording engineer too. 

Leon Berrange vocal producer in studio

The vocal is the heart of popular song. As a singer you have most likely spent years of time and tons of money training with the best teachers to get that sizzle, depth, dimension and dynamic into your vocal sound.

You may believe that you can get a great vocal by setting up a semi-live situation with the band and letting the 'vibe' inspire you, or that a small vocal booth with a mid-range mic and a reflexion filter will give you the sound you need, or that your amazing arranger/producer knows how to get the best from your voice. Sorry, but there's a better way... 

In our studio at Voxbox we do nothing but vocals. Our studio has been obsessively designed for only one purpose: to capture (and flatter) the singing voice. Every item of equipment from the  mics and boutique preamps right down to the cables and plugs has selected to provide no-compromise technical excellence so that we can make the most of every voice. 

You will be working with one of London's most sought-after singing teachers to produce your vocal. Leon is co-founder of Voxbox and one of the most technically aware teachers around. His deep understanding of voice allows him to provide corrections and suggestions which go far beyond what you may expect from a general producer. 

One of the keys to successful singing is an understanding of the connection between technique and style: With 15 years' experience and a covers singer and another 15 years as a professional, highly trained vocal teacher, Leon's ability, feel and judgement in this field is extraordinary.


Contact Leon by email for bookings and enquiries.


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