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Performance Foundations

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'for the love of singing..'

Once you have some vocal technique and some songs, it's time to put it all together in a performance situation. This module focuses on keeping the vocal aspects improving as you perform in front of the class.
A first taste of more serious performing in front of a small group

This module is for you to get to grips with performing in front of a small group. Lead by Voxbox director Leon Berrange, this enjoyable session provides a great way to break out of private lessons and get together in a group. 

Leon says: "This course is my favourite part of the week: beginning the process of finding each singer's 'voice' as a performer. People develop really rapidly in this situation, and the difference over just 6 weeks is amazing. "Once you start performing, something quite different begins to happen. Here's the place to get started."

It's all about live singing, and we take it in turns to perform a song to the group. We get around the 6-person group four times each session. After each turn, you will get feedback on vocal use and performance issues. 

We start with a short development session based on Leon's proven group work techniques, and generally the issues of repertoire choice and song interpretation are core themes of the course. 

You usually pick one song to work on for each session, but this may vary if necessary.

It sounds simple, but nothing concentrates the mind like live performing, and you learn very fast in that situation. You also learn a lot from hearing the others attempt the corrections Leon has given, and of course make some new singing friends. 

Please note that this course is not particularly suited to self-accompanying original artists: there is a quick work-flow and setting up guitar-mics etc causes delays, cutting into other participants' time. Original songs are welcome, but please have backing tracks available. 

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