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Jazz for Beginners

164, Eversholt St London NW1 1BL  

'for the love of singing..'

An introduction to Jazz singing: Mostly practical work on styling, developing a performance in the Jazz idiom, and finding your way into variation and improvisation. Also covering basic Jazz concepts and outline theory.

This beginners jazz workshop will introduce you to the three main styles of jazz - swing, latin and blues. You will explore these three styles, discovering what makes each one unique from the other, within the jazz umbrella. This workshop is a fun introduction to jazz singing:  If you are up for it, you will be able to sing solo, and get apply some of Anna's tip's about styling and improvisation.

During the workshop you will learn 3 jazz standards and then a 4th song which will be explored using 3 different 'feels'.

Workshop facilitator Laura Yogasundram studied voice and teaching at Voxbox. She has a great knowledge of Jazz and is a busy teacher and professional Jazz singer.  



Voxbox Camden Studios 164 Eversholt St London NW1 1BL