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'for the love of singing..'

Sadie and has worked as vocal coach and musical director on a huge variety of productions. She is adept at tailoring vocals to the specific needs of both the performance and the singer and is able to coax the best from all abilities and to create an environment where great vocals are not merely achieved by the experienced and the gifted.
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Having dozens and dozens of rehearsals and concerts and practices and lessons all the time and not being able to have a social life.

Singing, What, Why, and How?

You have this desire to sing, but have you considered what really drives it? Is it wanting to feel confident to really connect with other people through your art and your voice, to share your experience and identity, to be comfortable expressing your genuine uninhibited self without fear of rejection? To feel that your creative ideas are valid and acceptable, wanted, and needed in the world, wonderful, beautiful or powerful even? Is it to find out whether your own voice is worth being heard? Do you feel the frustration of knowing that there is an expressive voice within you striving to get out, but feel that something is always h

Singing Teacher Sadie Grist

Her introduction to music classical training, and although over the years she has maintained her links with this classical background, it is contemporary music, and in particular modern musical theatre which has really inspired her love of performance and teaching. 

For over ten years now Sadie has worked extensively in theatre, helping the professional and the more assured to achieve their full potential, and building up the confidence of less experienced performers. Through an approach which blends technical training with performance skills, she finds real improvement can happen very rapidly.

She has worked as musical director on many shows including Little Shop of Horrors, Tell me on a Sunday, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Cabaret, Oh What a Lovely War and Sweet Charity, as well as Choral Groups and Gospel Choirs. 

Her students and their needs are very diverse and she enjoys the variety this brings to her teaching, from total beginners who just want to be able to sing for themselves, to those currently performing in the West End and needing help with repertoire or audition pieces.

This work has reinforced her belief that, with the correct guidance and support, singing can be for everyone and quite often even the most uncertain of voices can soon be soaring with confidence.

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Sadie says:

Taking lessons at Voxbox to work on my own vocal technique really opened my eyes, I was limiting the power and range of my voice through bad technique. I am an experienced performer, and was happy in the main with my sound, however like many I wanted a bigger and fuller tone, and could only achieve it very occasionally if the wind was in the right direction!

Taking regular lessons here have helped me find a voice I didn't know I had, and to overcome vocal issues I thought I would simply have to live with.

My teaching has been hugely helped by the serious amount of learning I've had to do over the past two years, and I truly understand how frustrating it can be to want to achieve something which seems out of reach..... but with the right guidance, (and a little patience and practice), it really is possible to become so much better that you think you can!

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