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'for the love of singing..'

Rhiannon is a multi-talented musician and singer. She performs regularly in professional bands and is developing her own original material.
Singer Problem #48


Having dozens and dozens of rehearsals and concerts and practices and lessons all the time and not being able to have a social life.

Singing, What, Why, and How?

You have this desire to sing, but have you considered what really drives it? Is it wanting to feel confident to really connect with other people through your art and your voice, to share your experience and identity, to be comfortable expressing your genuine uninhibited self without fear of rejection? To feel that your creative ideas are valid and acceptable, wanted, and needed in the world, wonderful, beautiful or powerful even? Is it to find out whether your own voice is worth being heard? Do you feel the frustration of knowing that there is an expressive voice within you striving to get out, but feel that something is always h

Singing Teacher Rhiannon Bradbury

Rhiannon is a freelance jazz singer/songwriter and student teacher originally from the dazzling lights of Norfolk! After singing with various bands and completing a Diploma in Popular Music back home, she ventured to London with a strong urge to learn more about improvised music and Jazz. She took up private tuition with award winning Jazz vocalist Anita Wardell and in 2007 successfully gained a scholarship for the BMUS Jazz degree at Trinity College of Music. Learning from accomplished teachers such as Simon Purcell, Pete Churchill, Nia Lynn, Anton Browne, Martin Speake, etc.

Before moving to London she came across Voxbox and Speech Level singing:

'Back then I hadn't a clue about what possible control I could gain over my voice. I was a chest puller who had previously contended with a very loud band so had a strong desire to sound 'powerful' which translated to me as shouting, a lot! Losing my voice after a gig became a common result. Once I started having lessons I went through an odd period of time where I couldn't recognise my sound any more but as time went on I trusted more and more in this far stronger and balanced sound that I had developed. Notes I'd never reached before had become available to me, I was hooked!

Throughout Trinity she gained experience of other vocal techniques including 'Estill' and classical 'Legit'. 'I believe it's always good to be aware of the other options you have available to you. If people can get to their goal via other means then that's great. I think I was very lucky having found a vocal technique that worked for me before I started my degree as it meant I knew how to achieve control and balance before learning what to play on it and without feeling restricted by technique, genre or even Charlie Parker solos!

2009 brought the opportunity to perform backing vocals For recent pop sensation, 'Little Boots'. Gaining plenty of commercial performance experience on TV shows, festivals and touring such as 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross', 'Later with Jools Holland', 'BBC's Children in Need', Glastonbury, Bestival, Leeds/ Reading etc, and recording opportunities at Maida vale and the legendary Abbey Roads studio.

She's been a member of Camden Soul (Voxbox's own 13 piece Soul Choir), Pete Churchill's 'London Vocal Project' (Performing at The Barbican with Bobby McFerrin, The Royal Albert Hall, The Vortex, The 606, The Canary Wharf Jazz Festival and Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club). She fronted 'The Hounds of Love'; A Kate Bush tribute

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