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Adella comes from a music industry background and has been performing from a young age. She trained as a Speech Level teacher and has a music degree. As a teacher she is warm, enthusiastic and knowledgeable with a focus on getting a pristine contemporary sound.
Singer Problem #48


Having dozens and dozens of rehearsals and concerts and practices and lessons all the time and not being able to have a social life.

Singing, What, Why, and How?

You have this desire to sing, but have you considered what really drives it? Is it wanting to feel confident to really connect with other people through your art and your voice, to share your experience and identity, to be comfortable expressing your genuine uninhibited self without fear of rejection? To feel that your creative ideas are valid and acceptable, wanted, and needed in the world, wonderful, beautiful or powerful even? Is it to find out whether your own voice is worth being heard? Do you feel the frustration of knowing that there is an expressive voice within you striving to get out, but feel that something is always h

Singing Teacher Adella Charles

Adella has been performing as a singer from a very young age, both on-stage and in the studio, and enjoys passing on her experience to her students. Adella comes from a music industry background, having worked as a music writer at Touch Magazine, and also as a researcher at BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat and Radio 1Xtra. She has cultivated many relationships with industry professionals and artists alike and still maintains strong links.

After having studied Speech Level Singing as a student for a number of years, and visiting the famous Summer Vocal Camp in Los Angeles, Adella decided to join the SLS team as an instructor after studying with Seth Riggs himself, and many other master teachers of the Speech Level Singing organisation.

Adella holds a degree in Popular Music and a PGCE in Music. She also currently works as a music teacher in secondary schools.

Adella has been a trained SLS instructor for over 10 years and worked with many prominent vocal technique teachers such as Seth Riggs (founder of SLS), Jeffrey Skousen (SLS Master Teacher), Vanessa Purdy (SLS Master Teacher) and Greg Enriques (SLS Master Teacher). In addition to this she has also worked at Heather Baker Singing Studios and Voxbox Studios, where he was able to further hone her teaching skills. In 2008 Adella set up ARC Voice Studio and has so far taught over 500 students.


Throughout her music industry career, she has worked at some of the UK’s most prominent urban music outlets (Touch magazine and Radio 1Xtra). In that time she had the opportunity to interview and meet many UK and international artists, attend hundreds of gigs, concerts, private record label album listening parties, show rehearsals, and general industry events. This invaluable experience provided Adella with an amazing insight into the music industry, which she often passes on to many singers who come to her for lessons. Adella’s experience strikes a nice balance between musical creativity and the business of music.


Adella’s special interests lie in vocal phrasing and melodic tendencies among famous and prominent singers. She has an excellent ear for melody and is instictively able to break down and dissect melodies quickly in order to navigating voices through them.


“ My aim is to get the best out of your voice – to give you the skills and understanding to keep your voice healthy, balanced, strong and connected; enabling you to sing at your optimum level”.


Adella began having Speech Level Singing lessons over 12 years ago to improve her own vocal technique and was immediately blown away by how much her voice improved. So much so that she attended the famous SLS Summer Vocal Camp in Los Angeles, where she received private one-to-one coaching from Seth Riggs himself, among others.


Adella says:

“I was amazed by how much my voice improved and how Seth had me hitting those Aretha notes in such a short amount of time. While I was at camp, Master Teacher Vanessa Purdy said that I had an excellent grasp of the technique, and encouraged me to train to become a certified teacher.  I quickly learnt that with the right tools, I was able to keep my voice in good shape without harming it. I learned how to negotiate the bridge areas in my voice, became more balanced and I was able to keep my voice connected. I couldn't believe how I was able to sing songs I had been struggling with for a long time.”


As a vocal instructor, Adella has worked across the board with professional solo artists, radio personalities, those working towards auditions, and beginner singers. Adella spent time on the London and Midlands gig circuit performing with up and coming artists at many venues including Ronnie Scotts and the Jam House. She was also a regular member of the English National Opera Jazz Vocal group for a number of years.


Adella spends lots of her time doing session work in recoding studios providing background vocals for producers, singers and songwriters; with some of her Dub Plates having been played on radio 1Xtra.

Adella also hold a degree in popular music and a PGCE in Music Education.


Adella grew up in a musical family listening to artists such as Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder, and has been singing and performing since she was a child. As a teenager she began working with many up and coming producers in Yorkshire and London, often spending her weekends in recording studios in Leeds and Manchester. Adella is in her element in the recording studio recording background vocals and harmonies.

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