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'for the love of singing..'

Laura is an active front-woman and published songwriter who has toured the globe with her band Tokyo Taboo. Her music has been played on BBC Radio 1, Radio X & Planet Rock. She has performed at International Showcases such as CMJ Music Marathon, Mondo NYC, Indie Week Toronto and Culture Collide LA.
Singing Teacher Laura Duckworth

Laura is a Level One IVA (Institute for Vocal Advancement) Instructor and is continually studying and improving her own voice. She is tested on an annual basis - a practice than ensures IVA maintain their high standards of teaching worldwide. Read IVA's Mission Statement here:

As an IVA teacher Laura focuses in on the 'problem areas.' Do you have a 'break' in your voice and feel an inconsistency in your tone when singing from the bottom to the top of your range? Or do you strain and try to 'reach' high notes? Are you feeling generally confused about your voice and your own abilities as a singer or artist? Every lesson will be goal based and in just an hour we'll have you kicking out your bad singing habits and building better ones into your muscle memory.


Laura has studied with SLS teachers such as Greg Enriquez, Rachel Black and Guy Babusek. She has also worked alongside performance and acting coach Rhonda Carlson. Laura's years of teaching, performing, songwriting and marketing her own music makes her the perfect mentor for every singer no matter if they are at the very beginning of their journey or if they are an established musician. Laura is personable and will make you feel at ease. She regularly organises performance opportunities for her students to sing at. She also enjoys collaborating creatively, helping her students to write songs, record demos and suggesting producers or contacts who can help further with artist development.

Laura Says

Through writing, recording and touring with my band Tokyo Taboo I have gained an extensive knowledge surrounding today’s music scene. The music industry is competitive and tough on all who partake in it and now there is an even bigger emphasis on live performance (currently one of the few income streams left for an artist to make money from) it's now - more than ever before - so important to be the best vocalist you can be! 

I will push you, improve your voice and provide you with advise that I've learned through all my years in the music industry. I've been through X Factor auditions. I've auditioned for The Voice. I've been scammed by the biggest scammers!  I know the pitfalls of singing in a band with a loud drummer behind you. forcing you to shout to hear yourself. I've spent many shows pulling chest voice and straining to get what I thought was a strong and powerful sound. I know how frustrating it is to want to sound a certain way but for your voice not to behave itself! I used to be limited by my voice now I'm inspired by it and teaching singers to get the very best out of their voices is so rewarding and fulfilling.

What My Students Say:

"I've been taking lessons with Laura for around 8 months and I was a beginner when I started. I have a weighty voice and my voice has a habit to shake sometimes whilst singing a song. Laura's dedication to exercise training during the lessons had helped my breathing technique and I understand now how to sing with a less weighty sound.

I still struggle with holding notes and singing in a higher register but having improved on many areas already I am excited to keep developing during lessons.

I would definitely recommend Laura. She is very friendly and personable and she has a thorough understanding of the voice and you will notice changes in your voice even after the first lesson!"

"Before I met Laura I had never attempted to use my voice as an instrument for singing. I love to write and felt I had a lot to communicate so realised that my singing voice was worth exploring. 

I wouldn't change my teacher for the world. Laura has helped me recognise the strength that exists in my own voice and has improved my understanding of how the voice works and how I can express myself with it. 

I am very shy and have found it hard in the past to project my vocals but Laura makes me feel very comfortable and I enjoy every minute of time with her in her vocal studio."

"Laura has helped me find my head voice and pushed and pushed me to work on my upper and lower registers, treating my vocal cords with the respect they deserve. I’ve been taking lessons with her for a year now and after every single lesson I come away having learned something new, with the knowledge that she’s listened closely to my voice and given me everything I need to work cleverly on my vocal technique and performance. I always come to her with my song choices and no matter how familiar I am with them, she always gives me her sage advice so that I can make a sweeter sound and deliver the song with comfort and confidence.
There’s no doubt in my mind that I’d recommend her to anyone who asks. Thanks Laura!"

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