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'for the love of singing..'

A BA Performance: Music graduate, believes singing can be enjoyed by people of all ability levels. Takes pride in supporting people to find their own unique sound whilst maintaining good vocal health.
Singer Problem #48


Having dozens and dozens of rehearsals and concerts and practices and lessons all the time and not being able to have a social life.

Singing, What, Why, and How?

You have this desire to sing, but have you considered what really drives it? Is it wanting to feel confident to really connect with other people through your art and your voice, to share your experience and identity, to be comfortable expressing your genuine uninhibited self without fear of rejection? To feel that your creative ideas are valid and acceptable, wanted, and needed in the world, wonderful, beautiful or powerful even? Is it to find out whether your own voice is worth being heard? Do you feel the frustration of knowing that there is an expressive voice within you striving to get out, but feel that something is always h

Singing Teacher Gemma Milburn


Pop Music and People are my two greatest passions, and I take pride in offering a highly individualised approach to working with singers. In popular music there are no fixed rules as to how singers ‘should’ sound and I use my wealth of training in vocal science and technique in a creative way.

If you are a singer looking to really explore your voice’s capabilities both technically and creatively, then you’ve come to the right place!

I became an Authorised Vocology In Practice (VIP) Instructor in 2013. VIP is ‘A Global Network of Elite Voice Professionals at the forefront of vocal training for today’s contemporary singer. ’ You can learn more about VIP here To this day I continue to improve my knowledge of vocal technique and spend a large amount of my time studying, reading, and exploring new ideas. I also continue to develop my own voice as much as I can.


The ability to sing more difficult material, with greater ease and power Enhanced awareness and knowledge of your own voice Highly effective training based on cutting edge vocal science Increased confidence A voice that is healthy, strong and reliable Simple solutions to complex problems A learning process that is positive and enjoyable


  • Nurturing individuality
  • Embracing progress, imperfections and mistakes
  • Being Person Centred (not Service Centred)
  • Honesty and sincerity
  • Challenging limitations
  • Improving self-awareness

What my students say...I've been having singing lessons with Gemma since September and have recommended her to a number of my friends.  I arrived at my first lesson with no technique and even less confidence about my voice, but she has made every lesson relaxing, unintimidating and enjoyable. Gemma's lessons are always about me as an individual with a unique voice and she takes enormous trouble finding just the right technique and training so that there's been continual progress every lesson. I'm now singing far more confidently than I did, and can't imagine life without my weekly singing lessons with her!

Gemma is an excellent teacher who improved my voice and significantly increased my range, through clear instructions and tailored exercises. She teaches with fun and ease, and has showed me what my voice is capable of doing, far beyond what I had hoped!
Everyone who performs should book a class. Whether you are a professional singer or sing for fun, Gemma will help you achieve your goals.
  (Scarlet Lewitschnig - Songwriter)

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