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164, Eversholt St London NW1 1BL  

'for the love of singing..'

Smaller room, mainly for singing and piano practise. Mic, Mixer with effects, studio and PA monitors, headphones, digital piano.
Singer Problem #48


Having dozens and dozens of rehearsals and concerts and practices and lessons all the time and not being able to have a social life.

Singing, What, Why, and How?

You have this desire to sing, but have you considered what really drives it? Is it wanting to feel confident to really connect with other people through your art and your voice, to share your experience and identity, to be comfortable expressing your genuine uninhibited self without fear of rejection? To feel that your creative ideas are valid and acceptable, wanted, and needed in the world, wonderful, beautiful or powerful even? Is it to find out whether your own voice is worth being heard? Do you feel the frustration of knowing that there is an expressive voice within you striving to get out, but feel that something is always h

Practise Room

A modest sized practise room suitable for solo or duo practise, songwriting and teaching. A portable USB recorder and condenser mic are both available as options. 


  • To use this room for teaching, please add 'Teaching Option' when making your booking. 


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