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164, Eversholt St London NW1 1BL  

'for the love of singing..'

The Partners' private studio.
User Comments: "Voxbox has helped me develop my voice by offering the SLS technique and providing a comprehensive programme of classes for beginners and professionals alike and a consistent teaching method." :: Wole Akanbi
Practise and Teaching Studio

Our premium studio for teaching and recording.

The piano is a vintage Yamaha CP70B which has been re-strung and renovated. The recording facilities comprise a spacious vocal booth, and racks full of many choice items of anaolgue gear. 8 channels of premium mic-preamps, outboard digital reverb, a boutique mix-bus compressor built by Ted Fletcher are among the items that help us get you the best possible recorded vocal sound.

The monitoring (Quested and Alesis) is truly superb due to the very extensive acoustic treatment and the room is sweet all the way down to about 50 Hz, making it great for mixing and mastering. 




Voxbox Camden Studios 164 Eversholt St London NW1 1BL