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164, Eversholt St London NW1 1BL  

'for the love of singing..'

Comfortable, attractive, economical and well-equipped studios
Located in Camden.
Excellent transport links, easy to find.
User Comments: "I just wanted to get in touch with you guys as I used to have singing lessons with Becky, must be about a year ago now, and am coming on leaps and bounds with my singing career! I'm working with a producer who I met after reading an email he sent to you asking for session singers. ..., it's going really well, and I'm getting a lot of interest all round! The album will be finished at Christmas time and released sometime next year. In the meantime I've got some great gigs lined up. I wanted to say thanks for the great lessons and encouragement you guys give to eveyone! Having some lessons at Vox Box was definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made! If you're interested you can check me out on " :: Kathryn James
Vocal and Instrumental Teaching, Practise and Rehearsal, Theatre Auditions, Choirs.. No loud bands, sorry.
Voxbox Camden Studios 164 Eversholt St London NW1 1BL